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The Lamont Public Utility District  is located in the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in California, Kern County, approximately 10 miles south/southeast of the City of Bakersfield. It consists of a single service area plus the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and effluent use areas.

The District’s service area, comprising approximately 2,000 acres generally extends approximately one-half mile to either side of Weedpatch Hwy (State Route 184, known locally as the Main Street), beginning south of East Panama Lane and extending to the properties located  just south of Buena Vista Boulevard. This service area encompasses the communities of Lamont and Weedpatch, along with some developed lands in the immediate vicinity.  For service area map Download Click Here.

The service area also includes a non-contiguous area, comprising approximately 80 acres, consists of the property occupied by Sunset School and the adjacent residential properties.. This service area is located at the southeast corner of Sunset Boulevard and Weedpatch Hwy.

The WWTP and effluent use areas, located northwest and southwest of the intersection of East Bear Mountain Boulevard (State Route 223) and Weedpatch Hwy (State Route 184), comprising approximately 640 acres. Currently, approximately 160 acres of WWTP ponds lie outside the District’s boundary, although within its Sphere of Influence.